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PUC National is a mission-driven non-profit organization that serves to promote, support, benefit, replicate, and carry out the purposes and mission of Partnerships to Uplift Communities (PUC Schools) and other such public charter schools or educational programs. It also serves to promote, support, benefit, develop, and provide leadership education, program development, research and professional development to public charter schools and other schools, youth or community programs, and other activities that educate or serve students, children, families, and communities.
Dr. Jacqueline Elliot

A Message from our CEO

In PUC National, we believe that every child in every community is entitled to an excellent public education so they can achieve their dreams. We believe that successful schools build successful communities, and we do all we can to support that vision. My journey in public education began in 1986 as a teacher in Pacoima where I realized that school reform was urgently needed. In response, I founded Community Charter Middle School in 1999 and later co-founded Partnerships to Uplift Communities (PUC schools) which grew into a network of 14 public charter schools serving two high need communities.
In 2013, I co-founded PUC National, a non-profit organization, which in addition to providing a myriad of back office supports to PUC schools so that they can better focus on effective teaching and learning, was also created to promote success in schools in the greater public education arena.
I am honored to work with 70 employees who are deeply committed to excellence and to the success of those we serve. They are exemplary professionals and experts in their own fields.  We are aware that Human Resources, with its many layers and intricacies, has become increasingly more challenging for many charter schools. In response, this year we are delighted to offer HR support to the public charter school community. We are offering a professional development series that includes a webinar and a series of 6 workshops, both in person and virtual. We are also offering individualized HR coaching. Our goal is that by sharing our expertise, we will increase the capacity of public charter schools to positively impact the lives of their students, staff, and communities they serve.
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PUC National currently provides back office supports to PUC Schools, a network of charter schools that are located throughout the Northeast Los Angeles and Northeast San Fernando Valley areas. Areas of support include finance, human resources, data, student information systems, legal, and more.
Beyond the services that are provided to PUC Schools, PUC National recently expanded its services to other schools in the state of California. These services currently include online webinars, in-person and virtual workshops, and coaching.

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