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Data & Student Information Systems (SIS)

The Data & SIS Team’s primary goal is to provide tools and resources to improve the quality of reporting, ingestion, analyzation, and dissemination of student data by continuously ameliorate internal and external processes. Our main system, PowerSchool, is used by schools to enter hundreds of data points such as demographics, grades, attendance, special programs and more. PowerSchool is also where schools build their student schedules and rosters that are required by other instructional software that are used at the classroom level. Additionally, our team collects and transforms all the data entered by schools and reports it to the state via their system, CALPADS. It is the data in CALPADS that are used for purposes such as funding, renewals, and other state accountability measures.

Furthermore, the data in PowerSchool are also housed in a warehouse that is managed by our team where it is transformed and optimized to then create more impactful data visualizations via our two data portals, Mosaic and Data Wall. Mosaic is aggregated data of key metrics such as enrollment, attendance, and academic performance in state and internal assessments, all in one location. Data Wall is where we house our library of data dashboards that are built internally by our team where users can dive in deeper into the metrics that Mosaic provides and deliver more detail data all the way down to the student level.

As well as providing data supports, our team also conducts trainings to staff and provides customer support via email, phone, instant messaging, and our ticketing system, Incident IQ. The work that our team performs requires extreme attention to detail and we perform multiple data quality checks to ensure accuracy of data disseminated. We continue to evaluate our current processes and search for systematic and efficient procedures. We are a team of analysts that thoroughly enjoy the work that we do and will continue to seek improvement to better support our schools.