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About PUC National Workshops

PUC National offers interactive workshops, both in-person and virtually, which focus on critical areas of charter school operations. The workshops are informational, but also provide the opportunity for you to collaborate with other charter school representatives who are dealing with the same types of issues.
Cost for in-person workshops: $50 (includes refreshments)
Cost for virtual workshops: $45
Time: 10 AM - 11:30 AM
Registration for both in-person and virtual workshops can be completed through Eventbrite. Links for upcoming workshops can be found below.



Workshop: Credential Fundamentals

Cover some of the basics of teacher credentialing


Workshop: Difficult Conversations (Part 1)

Tips on how and when to have these conversations, putting at ease some of your greatest fears

Workshop: Difficult Conversations (Part 2)

Put into practice what was learned in Part 1 by reviewing scenarios

Workshop: How to Keep Your Team Engaged

Tips on how to develop a positive rapport with your team and how to keep them engaged

Workshop: How to Provide Your New Hires with a Great Experience

Tips on how you can provide your new hires with a positive onboarding experience

Workshop: Leaves of Absence 101

Review the fundamentals of leaves and your requirements as an employer