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College Access & Alumni Relations

The College Access & Alumni Relations team includes a Director who provides support to the school & college counselors at five PUC high schools as well as PUC middle schools. Additionally, the team has an Alumni Program Coordinator, who works with eight alumni college liaisons to provide ongoing support to PUC alumni who are enrolled in a variety of colleges & universities.


The main functions of the College Access & Alumni Relations department are to support PUC schools in providing a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program, to meet all students’ academic, personal/social, and career needs. The department works to support the site-based College Counselors in helping students maximize their academic achievement and make informed decisions in identifying their college, university and post-secondary path. The team offers live career conversation webinars annually to parents & students to help them learn about potential career paths. The webinars include a vast array of professionals in a variety of career fields.