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Media Communications

PUC National's Media Communications team provides PUC Schools and PUC National with supports related to media communications, websites, social media, and online student enrollment.
In terms of media communications, the team works with school and home office personnel to create positive news stories as well as general communications to be shared out with the greater PUC community.
The team manages the websites for PUC Schools, PUC National, and individual school websites. This includes regular updating of the websites to meet compliance requirements and to meet school needs.
The Media Communications team also helps to manage social media accounts for the PUC Schools network and for PUC National. These social media accounts include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
In terms of student enrollment, the team helps to oversee the enrollment process each year, which is done through the SchoolMint platform.
The Media Communications team provides training in the various areas in which it provides supports.